Key Token Metrics

Token Name:
Tokens for Sale (Total):
Tokens for Sale (Public):
Token Type:
ERC20, BEP20
Total raised in all Rounds:
Fully Diluted Market Cap:
Initial Market Cap:
Total Supply:
Listing Token Price:
Tokens for Sale %:

$RAX Token Distribution

AllocationTokensSupplyTGE UnlockVesting
Developers and Influencers Allocation125,000,0005%15%15% within 30 days after TGE / 11m cliff / Daily linear unlock over 12m (24m total)
Private Community Sale #175,000,0003%15%15% within 30 days after TGE / 9m cliff / Daily linear unlock over 12m (22m total)
Private Community Sale #250,000,0002%15%10% within 30 days after TGE / 7m cliff / Daily linear unlock over 12m (20m total)
Public Sale #350,000,0002%25%25% on TGE / 1 m cliff / Daily linear unlock over 3m (4m total)
Reserve for IEO on #1 CEX125,000,0005%100%100% Full Unlock on Listing Day
Team375,000,00015%0%0% on TGE/ 3m cliff / Daily linear unlock over 48m (51m total)
Marketing & Partnerships Fund250,000,00010%2%2% on TGE/ 6m cliff / Daily linear unlock over 60m (66m total)
External Development Teams375,000,00015%0%0% on TGE/ 6m cliff / Daily linear unlock over 60m (66m total)
Advisors50,000,0002%0%0% on TGE/ 3m cliff / Daily linear unlock over 24m (27m total)
Liquidity175,000,0007%30%30% on TGE/ 1m cliff / Daily linear unlock over 12m (13m total)
Trade and Earn & Community Incetives850,000,00034%0%0% on TGE/ Daily unlock with exponential decay pattern over 60m (60m total)

Frequently asked questions about the $RAX PreSale

At what price can I buy $RAX token at Private Community Sale #1?

The price of $RAX token at Private Community Sale #1 is $0.006.

How exactly does the $RAX Private Community Sale work?

Private Community Sale is carried out through the web3 application running on smart contracts. Read the Legal Notice first, then you can choose the appropriate currency for which you can buy RAX, then specify the desired amount of RAX, connect your decentralized wallet and confirm the purchase transaction.

How do I set up a software wallet (Metamask, Trustwallet, etc.)?

This video shows the necessary steps to set up a software wallet: Be sure to back up your passphrase (12/24 words) in a safe place.

How to buy $RAX token using a smartphone or tablet?

To buy the $RAX token using a mobile device, you can use an app such as Trustwallet or Metamask to connect to WalletConnect, as shown in the following video:

Where can I find a smart contract?

You can view the verified smart contract here:
Token name: RaysX
Token symbol: $RAX
Decimals: 18
Token type: BEP-20

Does a smart contract have a security audit?

Our contracts have undergone multiple internal audits and tests, as well as commissioned audits from several companies, the report of which we will provide in the public field.

Is the Presale subject to a vesting?

Yes, your tokens that you buy in a Private Community Sale or other rounds require vesting to prevent pump and dump. Immediately after the sale, you can claim the tokens that you received in the Community Private Sale from your Token Dashboard. The rights of the presence of the Private Community Sale are periodically compiled for 24 months, you claimed 15% of tokens in the first month after the moment of TGE, which were accrued linearly, followed by a gap (Cliff) for 10 months after which, the remaining 85% grew linearly at 7% per month by spanning 12 months. All your $RAX tokens will be hosted on your token dashboard.

What is TGE? (TGE = Token Generation Event)?

TGE = Token Generation Event, this is the day when tokens become available for withdrawal from smart contract vesting, and as a rule, the TGE day coincides with the day the token is listed on the first crypto exchange.

How can I get the purchased $RAX?

You can claim your $RAX with vesting policy through your control panel at Since you have to pay for gas on each application, we do not recommend doing this several times a day.

What should I do with the claimed $RAX tokens?

No financial advice: you can either sell them directly or stake the tokens and multiply them. Immediately after the public launch (TGE and listing on a crypto exchange), we start our Staking program with an attractive annual income. Up to 34% of the total supply is reserved for the community. You must decide for yourself whether you want to invest in a project in the short term or the long term.

What is the minimum and maximum investment for the presale?

You can invest no more than $10,000. The minimum investment is $10.

How long is Private Community Sale #1 available?

The sale is open until the $450,000 hard target is reached, but no later than December 31, 2022.

Is a public listing guaranteed for Level 1 CEX after pre-sales?

Our business development team is negotiating with Binance, Kucoin, and other top 30 exchanges. Our team already had experience of listing on leading exchanges.

Will the $RAX token be listed on Pancakeswap?

Yes, listing on Pancakeswap is guaranteed through a liquidity pool.

What is done with the money from funding rounds?

The proceeds from the sale of $RAX tokens will be distributed on a percentage basis among the following sectors:
20% Listing Fees on Tier 1 CEX
45% Product Development
15% Management and business development
15% Marketing
5% Legal services and security

Do the team and seed investors have vestings?

Yes, the team and seed investors are also vested.